Lower Dean River Lodge

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The Lower Dean River Lodge was originally built by Rob Stewart and Dick Blewett. In 2012, the lodge and outbuildings were literally wiped off the river by a 200 year flood.   We are proud to finally announce that the new lodge and site is finished.  As someone not involved with the actual building of the new lodge and camp, I don't mind saying there has never been a lodge as nice. The Blewett family and the crew at the Dean are entirely to thank. It is hard to imagine improving the Dean experience, but in the ten years since the change in ownership Billy and Mandi have consistently raised the bar.   

Contact Property Manager

email: Belinda Miller
email: Jeff Vermillion
Call Belinda or Jeff: 406-222-0624

The Fishing

Dean River Steelhead season is from mid June until September 30. The average fish is 10-12 lbs. but some reach 25-30 lbs.  Dean River Chinook enter the river in June and July and can reach 60 lbs. These powerful wild salmon can be caught on flies and are a challenging quarry in the fast flowing Dean. Northern Coho salmon enter the Dean in late August and September and can reach 20 lbs. The river opens June 1 and the area we fish is "FLY ONLY" from July 15 to season's end. The Steelhead fishery is CATCH & RELEASE.


Lower Dean River Lodge operates two steelhead flyfishing lodges.  Each utilizes a different section of the fishery. Our Main Camp accommodates nine guests.  There are six two-person guest tents with wood floors and plumbing.   A central building for dining and relaxation, a double showerhouse with indoor plumbing.  Our Upper Camp accommodates three anglers. It has four buildings and has on demand hot showers. From our Upper Camp we fly fish the upper five miles of river navigable by boat.



Rates at the Dean depend on the number of days of the trip. 

Please email or call for rate information. 



We recommend spey rods 7-9 weight, with an interchangeable tip system, bring two outfits if you have them, or at least a spare spool for your reel. Single handed rods 7-9 weight;  8 weights are the most popular.  Reels should be sturdy with a good drag to avoid over-running.  You should have at least 100 yds of 20 lb Dacron backing.  Lines recommended are: Dry lines WF Floating. Wet  for single handers Rio 300 or Teeny 300 For Spey type 6,8 and T11-14.   Hook sizes range from “ 4 - 1/0 for wet flies, and 8 - 4  for dry.”  We have a large selection of flies at the lodge.    
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Why Lower Dean River Lodge

On the Dean anglers enjoy summer weather, few bugs, water temps a constant 50º, snowcapped peaks and granite rock faces in every direction, old growth forests, an unparalleled guiding and lodging experience and finally the finest summer run steelhead fishing anywhere. Dean River steelhead return in incredible numbers beginning June 20 and enter the river without stopping until the close of the season October 1. Our lodge operates for steelhead within 20 miles of the salt so fish are blazing hot. They are often sea lice laden and as silver as ocean fish.

Itinerary in brief

Arrival Day

Your travel day begins at the Vancouver International Airport's South Terminal where guests board Northern Thunderbird Air's pressurized "Beech 1900D" charter to Bella Coola.  This typical 1 hour flight is over some of BC's most spectacular mountain scenery.   Arriving at Bella Coola Airport, guests and baggage will board a helicopter for an approximately 35 minute flight to the lodge.

Fishing Days

You will leave the lodge in the morning after breakfast to start your fishing day.  Lunch will be prepared by your guide and served on the river.  You will return to the lodge at the end of the day for a fabulous plated dinner.

Departure Day

We plan to have you back in Vancouver by 1:30 pm on your day of departure but weather can easily cause delays. We recommend that you schedule any connecting flight from Vancouver no earlier than 4:00 pm, to allow time for the transfer over to the Main Terminal, check-in and security delays.