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The Steelhead Valhalla Lodge is nestled amongst the trees along the banks of the Sustut River five miles upstream from the Sustut’s confluence with the Skeena River.  The Skeena River System has been labelled the largest producing river for trophy steelhead in the world and the Sustut has the largest average steelhead of any river in the world.  The Sustut River, the crown jewel of the Skeena Watershed is the least fished of all the famous Skeena tributaries.  The river and valley are simply stunning.  The views are constant and overwhelming.  The backdrop is almost always a high and frosted peak.  Through it all, a gin clear steelhead river with fish to well over 30 pounds.  Every run offers unique wide open vistas and is waiting for you.

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email: Belinda Miller
email: Jeff Vermillion
Call Belinda or Jeff: 406-223-3689

The Fishing

Clients will fish 3 to a boat.  On average anglers hook 1-3 fish per day.  There have been days where a single boat has landed over 15 fish and plenty of days where all the boats have landed nothing.


Cabins are well furnished, with a three piece bathroom and a wood burning stove.  The main lodge building is a charming custom built log structure with ample room to relax, eat a great meal or simply to sit and enjoy drinks by the large wood burning stove.


Call for rates. Schedule is set by date and includes 6 days of guided fishing, scheduled fixed wing charter to and from the lodge, accommodations, meals at the lodge and wine with dinner.  Not included is the flight to Smithers, hotel in Smithers, fishing licenses, alcohol, gratuities or additional helicopter or air charters for whatever reason.


We recommend a 8 weight for steelhead. Make sure to match reel with rods. Fly lines - 550gr or 600 gr Skagit Line along with 8 lb 15' floating line. Wallet with a variety of tips (Type 3, 6 and 8) and a 200gr sink tip or cold water floating line for single hand rods.
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Why Steelhead Valhalla Lodge

Our Sustut operation is the best place to go for trophy steelhead.  Last year we saw ten fish over 40 inches with four over 42 inches.  The largest was a 43.5 inch by 24 inch buck that likely weighed 35-38 pounds depending on who you ask.  Our facilities on the Sustut are five star and the fishing and scenery on the Sustut is every bit the Dean's equal.

Itinerary in brief

Arrival Day

Depart home city for Vancouver with connections to Smithers on Air Canada arriving in Smithers in the afternoon or early evening.  Take the Prestige Hudson Bay Lodge shuttle from the Smithers airport to the hotel.  Evening at your leisure.


Fishing Days

You will depart the hotel at 10:00 am for your 50 minute flight to the lodge.  Upon arrival, settle in before lunch and a brief orientation.  Fishing days start with breakfast at 7:30.  Return to the lodge between 5:30 and 6:00 pm with appetizers and dinner to follow.

Departure Day

Depart the Sustut for Smithers at approximately 11:30 am.  We recommend scheduling your return flight to Vancouver the following morning so that inclement weather and resulting flight delays do not affect your travel home.