Aleutian Rivers

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The Alaska Sapsuk (aka Hoodoo River) is located 500 miles Southwest of Anchorage on the Alaska Peninsula. The camp is located just an hour from the Bering Sea village of Nelson Lagoon.  The Sapsuk Camp is located 16 miles northwest of Nelson Lagoon on the banks of the Sapsuk River (aka Hoodoo River ). The Sapsuk Camp offers excellent accommodations and fishing opportunities. Access to this camp is only available via jet boat on the river. Travel time from town to the camp varies but is usually a scenic 50-minute ride.

The camp is located on a high bluff looking over the river.  Our two home pools are some of the most productive on the river, so you can fish late into the night.


Contact Property Manager

email: Pat Vermillion
email: Scott Schumacher
Call Pat and Scott : 406-222-0624

The Fishing

We have a 3 to 1 guest to guide ratio.  They can help the beginner learn how to cast, or show the experienced fly fishermen how to reach a tricky undercut bank. They are dedicated to providing as much or as little assistance as you desire.


The accommodations at our riverside camps are insulated, heated, solid platform constructed weatherport structures.  Our guests sleep in comfortable beds with a bath-house style shower facility with on demand warm running water as well as what might be the nicest outhouses in the state.


Please contact us for the most up-to-date rates. The package includes all accommodations and meals for the week, as well as guide services. Exclusions are airfare from Anchorage to Nelson Lagoon, liquor, fishing licenses, and gratuities. Please note that hotel rooms or food expenses incurred due to weather delays getting to the camp are not our responsibility.



During King season, we recommend a 9/10 wt single-handed rod or a 9 wt 12 ft spey rod. For Silver season, an 8/9 wt single-handed rod is ideal, though spey rods and switch rods also work well. We also have Trout and Dolly Varden, so bringing a 5 wt rod is a good idea too.  We would suggest a floating line for Trout and Salmon and a sinking line for Salmon (optional). Please bring at least three 9 ft 1X tapered leaders, as well as spools of 20 lb and 15 lb tippet.

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Why Aleutian Rivers

Nelson Lagoon is on the Alaska Peninsula (located 500 miles from Anchorage), far beyond the areas typically reached by traveling anglers. The village has about 60 year-round residents (80 percent Alaskan natives, the majority Aleut) in 25 households. Until recently, there were few fresh-water recreational fishing opportunities in this area.  We have received permission to trespass on the uplands of our rivers.  This gives our fisherman unique access to each fishing hole, where others have to stay in the river.

Itinerary in brief

Arrival Day

We strongly recommend that all travelers arrive in Anchorage one day prior to your trip date. The departure to Nelson Lagoon is typically mid-morning, with a flight duration of approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes. Upon arrival, you will be transferred upstream to the camp, which is about an hour-long boat ride.

Fishing Days

We usually go fishing right after breakfast, and fish as long as you would like. Guides usually return shortly before dinner, allowing time for you to shower and relax with a drink. One of the best fishing spots is right in front of the camp, and you are welcome to fish there throughout the evening. Please note that fishing in the evening and morning is self-guided, so we recommend fishing with a buddy.

Departure Day

On the exchange days, you might get some fishing in but fishing time is limited. Departure from Nelson Lagoon is usually mid-morning, followed by boarding the charter to Anchorage.