We first learned of the Secore River in Bolivia from Garret Vene Klassen.  His words were it's the Dean of dorado fishing.  Jeff had just returned from a dorado trip to Bolivia that was a bust from a fishing  perspective; it was spectacular from the wildlife perspective.  Despite Garret's urging, we turned down a visit ten years before it became Tsimane--hands down the greatest dorado fishery on the planet.  One of our biggest regrets yet as our connection to Bolivia is nearly 30 years old.  Dan Vermillion lived in Cochabamba for a year and was a basketball hero there...though not an equal hero to the American Field Service exchange program there.  But that's another story.

If your goal is an amazing clearwater jungle experience fishing for dorado, pacu and other jungle fish this is your place.   We'll be running hosted trips there from time to time, so  please check in with us on it.  It's a fishery that's a must see.  Tricky when it comes to water conditions, time of year etc. so please call for some guidance and we'll make sure you are there when the dorado are hungry and there.  Expect a five star wilderness experience with killer fishing and culture.