The Brothers

Dan Vermillion  the oldest Vermillion brother – grew up in Billings, Bolivia, Ecuador, and, most importantly, on the banks of the Yellowstone River.  After graduating from American University and managing lodges overseas and Montana, Dan returned to get his law degree from the University of Montana.  His stint as an attorney in Billings, ended with an epiphany as a flock of geese passed his window on a particularly fine fall day.   Week's later he retired from law and joined Pat and Jeff and Ron Meek  to help build Sweetwater Travel Company.  Dan is the go to man with legal issues and has inherited his father's love for public service/punishment.  Dan is the Fish and Game Commissioner for Montana and not an unpaid day goes by without an hour or two on the phone with concerned hunters and fishermen about elk, wolves or trout.  Dan has spent a big part of his career fighting for Montana's fish, wildlife and public lands.  Dan is married to Lynn Donaldson and has three kids, Charlie, Ben and Chase.  Dan runs our programs in Mongolia, Bahamas, Brazil, French Polynesia, and Montana. 

Jeff Vermillion is the middle brother.  Over the years, Jeff worked hard to avoid work so that he could fish more and explore the world.  His first venture, Flojo Ventures, Chilean for "Lazy Dude Ventures," was a dud though he managed to explore large swaths of the Brazilian Amazon and Chile's Patagonia.   He became fascinated with Taimen in Russia due to a close friend and co guide Max Mamaev who gave him some tube mice flies that he had to find a place to use them.   Those flies, and a close family friend Jeff Griffin, led to him meeting Purevdorj.  One year later, Jeff and Puji figured out a plan to launch fly fishing programs for taimen in Mongolia.  Jeff grew up in Billings, Chile and Brazil; fluent in Portuguese and  Spanish.  Jeff was the first brother to tie the knot, marrying Catherine Cranston in July of 2003.   When not skiing with his daughters Ella and Sole or bird hunting, Jeff manages our British Columbia programs and exploratory ventures.

Pat Vermillion was Margaret and Dale’s third and final attempt for a daughter. Despite this fact, Pat is the happiest of the three boys. In fact, he is the only person we know looking forward to the never ending nuclear winter. Aside from his wife Jen, deep powder and fish pretty much sum up Pat’s ever present smile.  Pat grew up in Billings, Rio Grande, Argentina and Ecuador.  Pat is fluent in Spanish, jet boats and making sure the company doesn't go broke chasing dreams.  Pat is  the finance guy and Alaska specialist, having guided 13 seasons there.  Pat’s newest project is the Royal Coachman Lodge near Dillingham, Alaska.  It is our first fly-out operation and is in the heart of the best fishing in Alaska.  Pat and Jenn have two daughters, Jose and Isla, both the best saleswomen in the company.  Jose's a professional egg broker and Isla recently broke Girl Scout's all time on customer sales record by selling 26 boxes of cookies to a customer who prefers to remain anonymous.