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Sweetwater Travel Company was started in 1995 by Dan, Jeff and Pat Vermillion and a small group of international guides that recognized the need for a travel company specializing in providing the best fly fishing venues in the world; and an outfitting and management company for these best of class fly fishing lodges.  Most critical of all was that it would be a company run by guys that really fished, understood fishing and what it took to run a 5 star fishing facility. 

The three of us grew up hunting and fishing in Montana whenever possible.  Sweetwater Travel has provided us with the vehicle to see some of the world's greatest waters.  Our travels have taken us to nearly every continent in search of some strange fish that absolutely had to be experienced.  Along the road we have found some fisheries that we felt were worth investing in and working to help preserve.  It should also be noted that we have run countless exploratory trips that were plain and simple an extended wild goose chase. 

The most notable fishing expeditions we have run are Taimen in Mongolia, Trout and Salmon in Alaska, Peacock Bass in the Brazilian Amazon, Payara in Venezuela, Dorado in Bolivia, Atlantic Salmon in Russia, Steelhead in British Columbia, Trout in New Zealand, Ecuador, Chile, and Argentina, and Bonefish, Tarpon, and Snook in Florida, the Bahamas, Mexico, Nicaragua, Tahiti and Costa Rica.

There are a number of specialized fishing travel companies in the United States but few that do what we do or that have the collective experience.

We hope that you will consider our signature Sweetwater Travel Destinations or call us to help plan your next fishing triop.  If we plan your trip It will cost you nothing, but more to the point it will mean that we help find the right destination for your trip.  It is our view as a company that if we take care in making sure we undersell and over provide that our customers will see the value in our services and appreciate our destinations. 

We are also a different sort of travel company. The staff at Sweetwater Travel in Livingston Montana truly care about the waters we fish, and we look forward to helping protect fisheries around the world. It is our view that great wild fisheries are both rare and in serious danger. We have spent a great deal of time traversing the planet in search of its great wild waters. Once we have located a great fishery, we are not in the business of fishing things hard and moving on, rather we plan to stay in an area long term, run small low impact camps, help support the local community and we work hard to help preserve the fishery for the long haul.

We hope you will consider using us for precisely that reason. We hope you too care about the waters you fish. We also hope that you will ask the outfitters or booking agents that you work with what they are doing to help insure that future generations will be able fish in great wild places for hot wild fish. In the end perhaps this will help people consider working to make a difference. The alternative is to accept that we are all doomed to be stuck fishing for finless hatchery wonders in dammed and polluted waters.

Please call 888.347.4286 or email fish@sweetwatertravel.com.

We would be happy to talk with you.

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