Fly fishing in Lodges in Alaska, Brazil, British Columbia, Mongolia, Bahamas, and Montana

Sweetwater Travel Company is located in Livingston, Montana. It was founded by the three Vermillion brothers, Dan, Jeff and Pat and Ron Meek 1995 to build and manage a best of class fly fishing lodges around the world.  The "travel" component of the name was to reflect the Vermillion's interest in building a booking company run by fishermen to help anglers make knowledgeable choices to insure their fishing vacations were as good as they could be. 

After 15 years in the business traveling to remote countries around the world, Sweetwater Travel Company has helped build and create some of the best known lodges in the business.  These include the Royal Amazon Lodge in Brazil, Copper River and Royal Coachman Lodge in Alaska, the Lower Dean River Lodge, Steelhead Valhalla Lodge and Suskeena Lodge in British Columbia, Mangrove Cay Club in the Bahamas, the Harrison House in Montana and the Taimen operations in Mongolia.  In all cases the lodges reflect a commitment to providing the best fishing possible for that particular species.  As an outfitting company, we understand better than anyone in the booking agent business, that choosing the right outfitter is the single most critical decision to planning a fly fishing vacation.

Page 2When you call Sweetwater for a trip you will helped by one of the Vermillion brothers, Ron Meek or Scott Schumacher.  All of them have traveled, guided, managed and shared ownership in fishing camps in Alaska, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Russia, Montana, New Zealand, British Columbia, Mongolia, French Polynesia, Argentina, and a number of other international destinations. 

In addition to our fly fishing vacation planning services and our management/ownership in Sweetwater Lodges, Sweetwater Travel is part of a guide network that will help you talk about your upcoming trip and tackle needs with someone who has been to or guided the destination that we have recommended. Quite often this will be one of your guides on your upcoming trip. It is a nice way to begin a friendship with your guide before the fly fishing vacation.

We thank you in advance for using our company or considering our services.  Don't hesitate to call or email.  We look forward to fishing with you.  

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Featured Destinations

Mangrove Cay Club

Mangrove Cay Club

World class bonefishing from Mangrove Cay Club on Andros Island in the Bahamas.
Steelhead Valhalla Lodge

Steelhead Valhalla Lodge

The Steelhead Valhalla Lodge is located on the banks of the Sustut River five miles upstream from the Sustut's confluence with the Skeena River. The Sustut offers fly fishing for some of the largest steelhead in the world. Picture crystal clear water in a remote and spectular setting in Northern British Columbia.
Lower Dean River Lodge

Lower Dean River Lodge

Lower Dean River Lodge operates two steelhead flyfishing camps on the twenty miles of river above the Dean River canyon; each utilizes a different section of the fishery. Our Main Camp, in operation since 1962; accommodates nine guests and is situated approximately eight miles from salt water.

A Few of our popular Fly Fishing destinations

  • Sweetwater's Mongolia Taimen Camps

    Sweetwater Travel pioneered Taimen fishing in Mongolia. After 16
    successful seasons, and hundreds of happy fishermen, Mongolia remains one of the most unique fly fishing destinations in the world.

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We look forward to fishing with you.

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