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Where Else On Earth Can You Catch a 56 inch Trout on a Dry Fly?

Taiman Fishing in Mongolia Sweetwater Travel pioneered Taimen fishing in Mongolia. After 21 successful seasons, and hundreds of happy fishermen, Mongolia remains one of the most unique fly fishing destinations in the world. Sweetwater has refined its operation and offers unrivalled expertise and comfort for the fly fisherman. After all if you are traveling all the way to Mongolia to fish, why wouldn’t you fish with the only group of guides who have been in Mongolia every year since 1995?

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2016 was a tougher year for water conditions, but happily our fishing continued to be strong throughout the season.   As with year's past, we caught several Taimen that exceeded 50 inches with the biggest of the season being a 54 inch Taimen landed by Paul Hanifl during the last week of the season.  Anglers caught good numbers of fish all seaon long with one angler landing 14 fish in one day (this is not the norm).  Fish numbers going into the winter were as strong as we have seen in a long time.  In combination with the strengthened conservation efforts, this sound population trajectory should mean that 2017 will be one of our best years yet.

In our 21 years in Mongolia, we have broken just about every world record for Taimen on a fly rod.  Simply put, there is no other place in Mongolia where you have a better chance to catch, and release, the fish of a lifetime. 

The Lenok Trout fishing is another wonderful part of the Mongolian fishery. With a great terrestrial hatch in late summer, and the traditional mayfly hatches in the fall, the Lenok kept all of our anglers busy.  They are a great dry fly fish and, when you catch one, keep your eyes peeled as we have Taimen grab Lenok off our rods every year. 

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Download the Sweetwater's Taimen Camps Catalog here.

Mongolia presents a rare glimpse of a wild, exotic land unchanged.

For most, just the opportunity to experience a pristine landscape, undeveloped river valleys lined with healthy forests or a pair of Mongolian riders driving their stock through a river meadow on a crisp fall morning is enough. But for the fly fishermen, Mongolia makes a great trip even better; it is home to the world’s largest trout that will attack your skated dry flies.

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Taimen Conservation Project

With the generous support of the World Bank and anglers from around the world,
Sweetwater Travel Company has launched the world's first Taimen Conservation project on the Eg-Ur watershed in Mongolia. Working had in hand with Mongolia's Buddhist community, the Mongolian Taimen Conseravtion Fund, and the American non-profit, the Taimen Fund, our Taimen conservation project will protect the world's most robust Taimen population.

We utilize only single, barbless hooks, and all of our fishing is catch and release.
We manage our river very carefully to insure that all of our anglers have the fishing trip of a lifetime. We are not an eco-tourism company that does some fishing. We are professional fly fishing outfitters who have pioneered fly fishing for Taimen.

For more information on how you can help the Taimen Conservation Project, please call 888.347.4286 or email conservation@sweetwatertravel.com.


If you fish with a company that has dead fish on its website, you will not only be supporting the demise of Taimen, but you will also have a very disappointing trip when you discover that the fish in the pictures are no longer in the river. Please support responsible outfitters.

Taiman Fishing in Mongolia Taiman Fishing in Mongolia

For more information about available trips call 888.347.4286 or email fish@sweetwatertravel.com
Download the Sweetwater's Taimen Camps Catalog here.

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