French Polynesia

French Polynesia, Tahiti, the South Pacific – all three terms are synonymous beautiful, white sand with images of beaches set along an endless sea of vitreous blue water. Tahiti trips are very popular among people with different interests. Today, in addition to its beauty, French Polynesia is becoming known for its vast flats and world class bonefishing.

With hundreds of uninhabited atolls, French Polynesia offers a rare undiscovered fishery in today’s world making a Tahiti trip appealing to fishermen.  Similarly, if you are a fisherman looking for a way to convince your spouse that you should be able to take one more fishing trip this year, then French Polynesia is a great option.  Haven’t you always wanted to ask, “hey honey, you want to go fishing in Tahiti?”

Sweetwater Travel has led nine years of exploratory Tahiti trips to this special area of the South Pacific. The results have been very good, and we are now offering six weeks of for next winter. 

Our Tahiti trips operate in the vast Tuamotu archipelago of Polynesia. Over the past ten years, Sweetwater has explored a large number of atolls. Through our exploration, we have identified two quality itineraries which will introduce the angler to remote, undeveloped atolls holding quality numbers of bonefish.

French Polynesia’s strength is the size of its bonefish. Our trips have yielded one fish which measured 33 inches and several fish between 25 and 30 inches. Overall, the average fish weighed about six pounds with most anglers landing between 3 and 6 bonefish per day.  Our fishermen have been impressed with the quality of the fishing with seasoned bonefishermen describing the fishing as “world class”. 

Our French Polynesia trips are fishing trips, but, like all Sweetwater trips, they are designed to maximize fishing time while insuring that you have the opportunity to experience the wonders of this part of the South Pacific. This year’s groups included one group of three couples and another of six men. Both groups thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Groups are limited to six. Single rates are available.

This is a very special trip in a very special part of the world. Please join us!
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