British Columbia, Steelhead on the Dean and Sustut

British Columbia offers some of the finest steelhead fishing on the planet.  Rivers like the Sustut, Dean, Babine, Kispiox, Skeena, Copper make fly fishermen twitch at the very sound of their name.  Think wild, giant steelhead in clearwater, giant trees, eagles, bears etc..   Now skate a dry fly through the middle of the angling world it doesn't get better. The Sustut and Dean though evoke thoughts of steelhead well into thirty pounds or chrome bright summer run fish. 

On the Dean we are partners in the Lower Dean River Lodge; the premier flyfishing lodge on the Dean.  Lower Dean is located 8 miles from tide water and more importantly above the canyon on the Dean.  For those unaware, there are two stretches of the Dean; the 2 mile long Class 2 section and the 18 mile Class 1 section.  That distinction is as big as they come when you are considering a trip to the Dean.  The Lower Dean is also hands down the best run operation we have encountered anywhere in Canada; the food, accommodations, services, logistics and guiding are five star. 

Our Sustut operations are the place to go for trophy steelhead.  Last season we saw ten fish over 40 inches with four over 42 inches.  The largest was a 43.5 inch by 24 inch buck that likely weighed 35-38 pounds depending on who you ask.  Our facilities on the Sustut are not as nice as the Dean perhaps but they are a close second and a must see.  The Sustut is every bit the Dean's equal.  

Please take time to visit our steelhead websites for the Dean and Sustut.  You'll see from the pictures they are well worth visiting.  

Lower Dean River Lodge

Lower Dean River Lodge

Lower Dean River Lodge operates two steelhead flyfishing camps on the twenty miles of river above the Dean River canyon; each utilizes a different section of the fishery. Our Main Camp, in operation since 1962; accommodates nine guests and is situated approximately eight miles from salt water.
Steelhead Valhalla Lodge

Steelhead Valhalla Lodge

The Steelhead Valhalla Lodge is located on the banks of the Sustut River five miles upstream from the Sustut's confluence with the Skeena River. The Sustut offers fly fishing for some of the largest steelhead in the world. Picture crystal clear water in a remote and spectular setting in Northern British Columbia.

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