Like Montana, Argentina is home to great fly fishing. Argentina’s fishing season extends from November to April. In Argentina, an angler can fish for both sea-run brown trout in Tierra Del Fuego and wild rainbow and brown trout in the San Martin/Esquel region. Both destinations allow the angler to leave the winter doldrums behind and escape to a land of expansive vistas, sunny days, world class cuisine, and, most importantly, world class trout fishing.

Sea-run Brown Trout

Argentina’s famed sea-run brown trout waters are located in the southern tip of the country in the region called Tierra del Fuego, or Land of Fire. Tierra del Fuego is home to the best sea-run brown trout fishery in the world.

Unlike so many fisheries in the world, Argentina fishing is getting better with each passing year. Each year, anglers are catching and releasing larger sea run browns. While there are several rivers which hold solid populations of sea-run browns, the Rio Grande and the Rio Gallegos are the best known rivers.

Lodges range from the modest to the luxurious. Each lodge has private water which is only accessible to the guests of the lodge, and each lodge provides anglers with unsurpassed hospitality and cuisine. The season for the sea run brown extends from December to April. At some of the lodges, a fisherman can expect to catch between four and ten big sea trout per day with most camps producing a number of fish in excess of 20 pounds each week. As the fishery matures, and anglers begin to master the art of sea trout fishing, an increasing number of sea trout are caught on dry flies. Tierra del Fuego is famous for its wind, but, due to the sheer size of most fishing properties, the angler can almost always find a bend in the river where the wind will be at his or her back. In short, Tierra Del Fuego provides the fisherman with the best opportunity to catch a double-digit brown trout anywhere in the world. We would be more than happy to provide you with additional information on Tierra Del Fuego’s premier lodges.

Inland Rainbow & Brown Trout

Some 800 miles to the north of Tierra Del Fuego, world class Argentina trout fishing in the rivers and lakes emerge from the Andes mountain range which forms the border between Argentina and Chile. Argentina’s trout rivers are surrounded by private "estancias" or ranches which restrict access to the best fishing waters. As a result, waters are remarkably uncrowded, and the fish are very cooperative to all levels of angler.

There are really two trout fishing regions in Argentina. The best known trout fishing area is located near Junin/San Martin de los Andes. The Junin/San Martin area is home to the famous Malleo River, Chimehuin River, Collon Cura River, Alumine River, Calleufu River, Traful River, the Quemquemtreu River, and the Quillen River. To the south of the Junin/San Martin area, the Esquel region also offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities. Its streams are even more uncrowded than the Junin/San Martin streams and truly represent an opportunity to catch a great number of fish.

Regardless of whether an angler fishes the Esquel region or the Junin/San Martin region, an angler will stay at an estancia which owns access to a stretch of river. At the estancia, the angler will be treated to all of the creature comforts and will, generally, be only a short distance from the river. Some of the rivers have special restrictions on them which only allow wade fishing, whereas others allow fishermen to float long stretches of water from rafts and drift boats. The fishing season is identical to Montana. In other words, the spring, November and December is known for Rainbows on the move and aggressive fish. January and February offer quality hatches and terrestrial fishing, and March and April offer big Browns on the move to their spawning grounds. In sum, there is not a bad month to fish Argentina, especially when you consider the weather up north between November and April.

Like our other destinations, Argentina is a vast country which offers great opportunities for both the angler and non-angler. In addition to the fishing, Argentina is home to the famous Iguazu Falls, the Penguin and Whale populations near Rio Gallegos, and, of course, the elegant Buenos Aires. We can arrange side tours for any party fishing in Argentina through our local contacts.

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