Taimen Conservation Fund

With the support of the Mongolian government, the World Bank, the Global Environmental Facility, and Sweetwater Travel, Sweetwater Travel has formed the Taimen Conservation Fund. The Fund is dedicated to the preservation of the Taimen through the support of habitat improvement projects, community development projects, and scientific projects. The long-term objective of the Fund is preserve the Taimen for future generations.  The Taimen Conservation Fund works with the Taimen Fund, a Montana based 501(c)(3) to support its activities.  Anglers wishing to support the Taimen Conservation Fund can make a tax deductible donation to the Taimen Fund which then translates directly into financial support the Taimen Conservation Fund's efforts in Mongolia.  
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The Taimen Conservation Fund's first project was the rebuilding of the Dayan Derkh Buddhist monastery. Mongolian Buddhists, through their religious teachings, monasteries, and temples, have actively nurtured an environmental awareness among Mongolia's nomads for hundreds of years. In a nomadic culture like Mongolia, Buddhist temples and monasteries were often the meeting point for communities always on the move and served as the cultural and spiritual backbone for Mongolia's nomads.

However, in the 1930's, at the direction of the Soviet and Mongolian Communist leaderships, Mongolia's Buddhists were executed, imprisoned, and exiled. Buddhist temples and monasteries were destroyed, and Mongolia's rich Buddhist tradition was forced under ground. The Dayan Derkh Monastery, located in Hovsgol Province, Mongolia was one of the monasteries destroyed by the Communists. Of its 400 monks, several hundred were summarily executed, the fortunate survivors fled to a nearby cave and lived in the cave until Mongolia's purge subsided.  The Taimen Conservation Fund successfully re-built this monastery, and it is now serving as a cultural/religious gathering point for Mongolian in the Eg-ur watershed. 

Today's work is now focused on hiring riverkeepers to insure that all Taimen are caught and released, all fishing is done with single, barbless hooks, and foreigners fishing the river have the proper licenses.  These efforts, most significantly the work of the riverkeeper, are paying dividends with fish size and fish number on the increase.  We are really excited about the future. 

By supporting the Taimen Conservation Fund through a donation to the Taimen Fund, you can help preserve one of the world's healthiest wild Taimen popualations.  Insuring the Taimen's survival, requires considerable financial support. For more information on the Taimen conservation efforts, please call the Taimen Fund at 406-223-3550.  Or, visit the Taimen Fund's website at www.taimenfund.org   We thank you in advance for your support. 

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