Lower Dean River Lodge

Lower Dean River Lodge operates two steelhead flyfishing camps on the twenty miles of river above the Dean River canyon; each utilizes a different section of the fishery. Our Main Camp, in operation since 1962; accommodates nine guests and is situated approximately eight miles from salt water. It comprises a dozen buildings including six clean two-person guest cabins, a central building for dining and relaxation, a double showerhouse with indoor plumbing, walk in cooler, and a generator building which provides 110 volt power throughout the camp. From this location we flyfish twelve to fourteen miles of the river above the Dean River canyon which is two miles from the rivermouth.

Our Upper Camp, which we've operated in that location since 1972; accommodates three anglers and is roughly seventeen miles from the salt. It has four buildings and has hot showers and electricity on demand. From our Upper Camp we fly fish the upper five miles of river navigable by boat.

Both camps are fully staffed with a guest to help ratio of 3:2. Meals are prepared with pride using fresh food which is flown in weekly. Breakfast and supper are served family style in the lodge.

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For detailed information, visit the dedicated site LowerDean.com

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