Copper River Lodge

Please go to the website for more information  The Copper River is a classic trout stream packed with long dry fly glides, deep winding pools studded with boulders, faster riffles, and deep undercut banks just begging for a mouse fly. Unlike other tundra rivers in Alaska that offer large trout, the Copper River runs through a scenic river valley lined with groves of cottonwood, spruce, and birch. Aside from helping make it one of the most gorgeous rivers in the state of Alaska, these trees offer the fly fishermen refuge from the relentless northern winds.

The Copper River Rainbows are some of the largest in Alaska, and are the reason the Copper river was the first river in the state designated as an "Alaska fly fishing, catch and release only, trophy rainbow river." It is this designation that has kept the Alaska fly fishing so spectacular.

Probably one of the nicest surprises for anglers visiting the Alaska Copper River is the river's size and wade ability. Fishermen of any age or skill that desire the solitude of the river rather than the tutelage of the guide can comfortably and successfully fish on their own. While they will always have a guide close at hand, anglers can safely and effectively fish around the Copper River Lodge.

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