2011 Skeena Wild Conservation Coalition Auction Intro

NRCT is an organization formed by Sweetwater Travel Company to help raise funds for salmon and steelhead conservation organizations here in British Columbia.  From 2007-2010 we have raised close to $150,000 for wild salmon and steelhead causes here in British Columbia. The projects we funded ranged from designing and publishing a Google Gadget to make Tyee data readable, genetics work on the Babine to helping the Gitanyow First Nation with its legal work to protect failing Kitwanga sockeye stocks, Dean River steelhead smolt enumeration studies, helping support Alex Morton's battle to drive salmon farms out of British Columbia, billboard campaigns etc.  Bottom line is that is that through generous donations and letter writing we have helped make a tremendous difference here on the Skeena I am also happy to say that our efforts were entirely volunteer based. Administration costs to our organization were $0.00.  That means every dollar you give goes where you want it to go.

In fall 2010 we are working together SWCC to help raise funds to save the headwaters of the Skeena, Nass and Stikine from being developed into a coal bed methane graveyard.  Yes you read that right.  Efforts are currently underway to develop the headwaters of BC's greatest remaining salmon watersheds for methane gas.  That development is generally low impact...oh except a road every 5-20 acres, well heads, injecting fracking liquids into the groundwater and discharging incredible volumes of salt and mineral laden water back into the salmon and steelhead spawning grounds of these great rivers. 

Please click here to visit the Auction site to see a list of items being donated. 

Skeena Wild Conservation Coalition is one organization that is making a big difference.  Please consider donations or the trips and items up for auction at the Jackson Hole fundraiser.  We have temporarily shut down our Northern Rivers Conservation Trust website to help focus efforts on this cause.  Once the auction and event is finished our website will be back up and running.  Thanks in advance for any help you can provide this cause; in our view there is no place more worthy or in need of protection than these great salmon bearing watersheds.

To donate or bid on a trip please visit our auction site or please email:
info@bcgold.org or jeff@sweetwatertravel.com

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