Conservation Activitity

Sweetwater Travel's Commitment to Conservation

At Sweetwater Travel Company we have a profound attachment to the land, wildlife and rivers that we fish. We understand first and foremost that the health of the river and its runs of fish are more important than the success of our flyfishing operations. By running small catch and release operations, we are able to utilize a sustainable resource in good conscience. We also hire as many local residents as possible in each of our operations. This helps the local economy and helps insure that those affected by our operations are affected in a positive manner.

We have found that when the locals understand that a healthy fishery translates into jobs and economic prosperity, that they are reluctant to poach, spear or pollute.

In addition we hope that in each of the destinations that we are involved in that we make a difference in watershed. This may be a large as trying to set aside an entire watershed for the first ever Taimen preserve or as small as donating trips for auction to causes like Trout Unlimited, The Cottonwood Resource Council or the Montana Land Reliance.

There are a number of environmental causes that we are actively working on.

We understand that we make our living from great wild and clean waters and the fish that swim in them. It seems to make sense then that we should give something back. We care about the waters we fish. We hope you do too.

Taimen Conservation

All fishing at Sweetwater Travel camps in Mongolia is with single, barbless hooks, and all fishing is strictly catch and release. Taimen are handled with the utmost care and every precaution is taken to protect the health of our fishery. We take great pride in the health of our fishery, and we intend to protect the fishery for generations of fishermen to follow.

When Sweetwater Travel arrived to Mongolia, there were no other outfitters in Mongolia. Today, there are many outfitters in Mongolia. Unfortunately, most of these outfitters do not respect the fishery and do not practice catch and release.

As an angler considering traveling to Mongolia, you are in the driver's seat, and you are in the position to choose an outfitter who is protecting the resource. Look at a company's literature and web-site before you book a trip. If their literature shows dead fish, or fish being mishandled, then please do not fish with them. They are the biggest threat to Mongolia's Taimen, and, when you travel with them, you will play a role in the demise of the world's last stable population of Taimen.

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We invite you to view our Taimen Conservation Fund page

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